Thanks to the high imagination in the DNA of Cnc Information Services, we are touching the lives of millions of people in Turkey today. In the light of this vision;

It's dreaming, we're working so hard to spend those dreams

We are working for Turkey, producing added value and moving rapidly with the goal of being a global company, with our most important asset in our DNA, which is the imagination and the high confidence that gives life to these dreams.

We believe that we must have high self-esteem, fruitful, disciplined and planned work to live the dreams of life.

Innovative, entrepreneurial and forward

We value dynamism, innovation and creativity in our business processes with entrepreneurship in our lives. We invest in research and development and reject bureaucratic submissions that are resistant to change.

Human resource, our most important asset

We realize that our employees are the biggest guarantees of our quality of products and services when we reach our targets. For this reason, employing the best human power is our primary goal.

We believe in creating a peaceful work environment, team spirit, common synergy and communication. Our employees allow vocational training and development to add value, and we reward success.

Participatory, fair and democratic governance; We have a clear understanding, learning and criticism of the necessity of institutionalization.

We work so that our customers get better every day

We have our customers in the center of our business areas. We are shaping all of our products and services on the basis of making our customers' lives easier and creating a long-term relationship.

While we create value for our customers with our quality products and services, we build our relationships on reliability and solution partnership. We are seeing ahead of changing requirements and trying to produce solutions quickly with a proactive approach.

We inspire those who want to give life to their dreams

We do not limit ourselves to only those areas of business in which we operate. We are dreaming for the society we are in, inspiring those who want to give life to their dreams. We are working to add material and spiritual value to all our social stakeholders.

He values humanity, supports sharing; We reject selfishness and greed.

We give priority to and support the efforts to raise the level of education and culture of the community in order to make the necessary contribution to the educated younger generation.

We have an understanding of corporate sustainability that enables us to seriously manage economic, social, environmental and ethical elements.

We believe that environmental sustainability must be preserved for the sustainability of our lives and we carry out all our activities in this direction. In this regard, we do not only contribute institutionally but also encourage our employees to participate in social responsibility activities.