Founded in 2005, Cnc Bilişim is one of Turkey's leading IT companies with its successful past.

Cnc Bilişim Hizmetleri conducts business in seven sectors, including finance, automotive, construction, media, information and data center.

Behind the success is a management approach that focuses on customer focus and efficiency. This approach is developed not only by material gains but also by the consciousness of institutional citizenship that the whole society benefits and benefits. Cnc Bilişim offers its services based on customer satisfaction and trust principles at all times. As a result, it continues to work by creating reputable brands in Turkey. As one of the pioneers of change in Turkey, Cnc Bilişim is a product of all these accumulations and collaborations, and adapts rapidly to developments around the world.

Cnc Informatics optimizes its extensive network of services, knowledge and cooperation.


We are committed to fulfilling our timetable at the highest standards and we are looking at progress in the sector.


We respect people, the environment and the law in the first place and regard it as an indispensable necessity to act within the framework of ethical rules. We are acting in an honest, transparent, fair and responsible manner in all our operations.


With dynamic and flexible operation principle, whatever the circumstances, we work fast and result-oriented. We constantly analyze every kind of change, environment and conditions and respond in time.


We see customer satisfaction as the heart of operation and in all processes we take this principle into consideration and create opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation. With the awareness that awareness will only be passed on through innovative practices, we strive to ensure that the services we offer are modern and creative.


We see team work as a basis for personal success. We strongly support the teamwork initiative, which includes collaboration, mutual loyalty, expertise and knowledge sharing, in all of our operations.